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That Doesn’t Compute

| January 31, 2009

Study: Stem Cells Reverse Paralysis in Rats The above press release from Live Science fails the logic test.  The conclusion trumpeted at the end of the article is not supported by the evidence provided.  Here are the relevant portions: Transplanted adult stem cells have been found to reverse paralysis associated with spinal cord injuries in […]

Bush Had the Right Approach

| January 30, 2009

In a time of clear and obvious crisis, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the attempted attack on another Washington target, President Bush presented a message of hope and optimism to the American public.  His message was unifying and reassuring to the population.  It was a great message that […]

Idealogues Don’t Agree

| January 30, 2009

An idealogue is someone who carries strong convictions of their ideas or beliefs. Two idealogues holding differing ideas, beliefs, opinions, or points of view are, by definition, never going to agree. For a third party to expect any other result is lunacy. The American Founding Fathers were idealogues who envisioned a new society based on […]

Pennies from Heaven

| January 28, 2009

With great fanfare, President Obama had tonight what was described by the Associated Press as a political ‘win’ in the form of House passage of an $819 billion economic ‘stimulus’ package.  Wow!  That’s some package!  Might even be bigger than Al Gore’s legendary package.  Oooh, I’m feeling very stimulated just now.  Please excuse me for […]

Wealth Is Held By Individuals

| January 24, 2009

Virtually all wealth/money in our society belongs to individuals. In other words, the source of funding for virtually everything is ultimately the consumer.

Fascism is Alive and Well

| January 24, 2009

Crisis is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-circuits debate and democratic deliberation.

Conservatism Versus Liberalism

| January 23, 2009

Most people will identify themselves with one side of the spectrum or the other.

Yes, He is That Good

| January 23, 2009

I read something this morning that truly tickled me … almost to the point of laughing out loud. At the time I said to myself, “Now that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! Well, except for that guy I heard on XM Radio’s Laugh USA channel and that comment I made earlier this morning, […]

CNN Admits Electric Cars are Foolish Pursuit

| January 17, 2009

They are essentially saying that electric cars don’t make good financial sense, and won’t do so in our lifetimes, but they still think that governments should spend billions upon billions to push them through anyway.

The Argument for a Smaller Government

| January 7, 2009

I’m saying that liberals ARE anti-American in that America stands for liberty and free markets (at least that’s how we were founded) and liberals are very much against that. They really desire slavery, which, by definition, is the forced labor of one person for the benefit of someone else.