Stone Pigs

undeniable underlying truths


A Stone Pig is an undeniable underlying truth.  To quote Thomas Jefferson from the United States’ Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self evident.”  In other words, they are things which, at least for the purposes of discussion in this web site, are simply accepted as fact.  They are the basis of other thoughts upon which we can build, and from which we reach higher conclusions.

The purpose of this web site is not to persuade readers to any given way of thinking, but to provide a platform for the exploration of ideas and enjoyment of the journey to wherever the final destination leads.

Topics for exploration will be the ideas of freedom and liberty as it exists in the United States.  Where it’s been and where it’s going.  We’ll also examine and learn about economics and politics.  And there will be no shortage of social commentary and opinion.

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