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Allegiance to Perception

| April 29, 2009

What this country needs most, especially at this point in time, is people and parties that will take a stand firmly convicted in their principles while passionately and maturely debating and defending their principles without malice or deception but with honesty and intelligent thought. The problem is that these people are almost nowhere to be seen in politics, the mainstream news media, or anywhere in the public arena of discussion.

Prostitution and Terrorists

| April 26, 2009

I think it is safe to say that everyone agrees that we need to interrogate all prisoners we capture in our effort to cleanse our fair planet of terrorists, especially those who may be connected with plots to attack our country and kill our fellow citizens. It’s just that we’re haggling over the price.

More Bad Medicine

| April 26, 2009

I’m struck by how many examples there are of sub-standard quality in government-provided health care, and how widely held the belief is that government health care is a step down from free market health care, yet there is such a push by Progressives, Liberals, and Democratic politicians to have the United States Federal Government take over that industry. Is there anyone that truly thinks that will not decrease the quality of the care delivered?

Bad Medicine

| April 26, 2009

Mr. Frank’s proposal is very bad medicine, but is at least consistent with his well documented governmental philosophy. His past actions have proven that he is incapable of properly using debt and the the US financial system. The voters of his district in Massachusetts should replace him in office at their next opportunity, not just for their own good, but for the benefit of the Nation as well.

50 Million Uninsured — Really?

| April 12, 2009

From the outset, let’s be very clear: everyone in the USA has access to medical care/services. What we’re talking about his the number of people who have an insurance policy that can arguably reduce the cost of medical care on a per individual basis.

Is It Yours Now?

| April 10, 2009

From the start of his term, Obama has been saying that the economy, and its problems, are not ‘his’ responsibility. Now that he’s seeing more promising signs of recovery from the recession, will he also suddenly change his tune and claim it as ‘his’?