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Who Would You Hire

| June 15, 2018

You are trying to fill a job and you have two candidates from which to choose: equally qualified for the position in every measurable way.

Which one do you hire?

For What is Weiner Going to Rehab?

| June 12, 2011

We all have character flaws, but I’d rather be represented by a pervert than a liar.

Osama is Dead … Let Us Not Rejoice

| May 2, 2011

It is a day to act with dignity and class, not the excessive displays of false patriotism seen in many parts of America.

Obama’s War

| March 24, 2011

Obama is bringing up the rear like an afraid little kid running after the school bus in the morning.

Rules Have Replaced Thinking

| June 27, 2009

Many people have completely abdicated their right to think. Instead, they ask for more and more rules to govern their lives, and the lives of others who they do not trust. The lack of trust (and trustworthy folks) in our society results in the application of more laws thus further degrading the very freedom we proclaim to be protecting.

Who Do You Trust?

| June 27, 2009

Jack Nicholson’s Joker character in “Batman” once famously said, “Who do you trust?” The screenplay writer(s) were spot on.

Prostitution and Terrorists

| April 26, 2009

I think it is safe to say that everyone agrees that we need to interrogate all prisoners we capture in our effort to cleanse our fair planet of terrorists, especially those who may be connected with plots to attack our country and kill our fellow citizens. It’s just that we’re haggling over the price.

Johnny One-Note

| February 20, 2009

For such a supposedly brilliant mind, Hillary Clinton’s vocabularly seems strikingly small.  Sarah Palin was ridiculed during the 2008 Presidential campaign for her limited vocabularly and overuse of the phrase “ya know.”  Caroline Kennedy was similarly ridiculed.  Hillary, it turns out, also seems to have her own favorite crutch word: crisis.

What a Childish President

| February 8, 2009

When the Republican Party controlled both houses of Congress as well as the White House, there was plenty of caterwauling from the Democrats but no bellicose admonitions telling them they needed prostrate themselves to the ruling party.

Bush Had the Right Approach

| January 30, 2009

In a time of clear and obvious crisis, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the attempted attack on another Washington target, President Bush presented a message of hope and optimism to the American public.  His message was unifying and reassuring to the population.  It was a great message that […]