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Bush Had the Right Approach

Posted By on January 30, 2009

In a time of clear and obvious crisis, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the attempted attack on another Washington target, President Bush presented a message of hope and optimism to the American public.  His message was unifying and reassuring to the population.  It was a great message that prevented a total economic collapse and he was widely hailed for his inspirational leadership.

Currently, at least as far as we’re told by the press and all of Washington’s talking heads, once again our country is in a crisis (although I believe the problems we’re seeing are not nearly as critical as they are being portrayed), but this time it is the economy that is under attack.  Contrary to the injuries we sustained in September, 2001, these injuries are entirely self-inflicted.

So what are the economic injuries?  Economic activity has slowed to a crawl.  This is to say that the velocity of money i.e. consumer and producer spending, money moving from one person or business to the next, has decelerated.  Consumers have reduced spending and subsequently producers have had to reduce production.  There are many reasons for the reduction in consumption such as consumers finally deciding to pay down debt, the bursting of the housing bubble (probably the biggest factor), etc.  Economic activity and the velocity of money are critical components of a healthy economy.

In contrast with the Bush response to 9/11, in this time of alleged economic crisis, the message from Obama, the Democratic Party and Congressional leadership, and from the sycophantic press is one of pending doom, darkness, and despair … in spite of the flowery words Obama employs in his rhetoric.  Gone from the Bush approach is the feeling of safety provided by mature leadership.  Gone is the security from knowing that our leaders know enough of what they are doing to right the economic ship.  The general population knows in its proverbial gut that massive spending of money the government doesn’t have, knowing that spending beyond your means, is inherently a bad thing in the long run.  The fear that is gripping society is from the knowledge that Obama and his team are veering well off course and running headlong down a path that can have but one ending: economic disaster.

The message from Washington today isn’t cheerful.  The message isn’t inspirational.  The message is the sound of children whining.  Complaints that idealogues can’t agree (stonepig alert) and won’t acquiesce to an opposing point of view or strategic solution.  The message paints a very clear picture for all to see: “political solutions” is an oxymoron … and much of Washington’s leadership today are just morons.


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