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Idealogues Don’t Agree

Posted By on January 30, 2009

An idealogue is someone who carries strong convictions of their ideas or beliefs. Two idealogues holding differing ideas, beliefs, opinions, or points of view are, by definition, never going to agree. For a third party to expect any other result is lunacy.

The American Founding Fathers were idealogues who envisioned a new society based on freedom and individual liberty. They were so convinced of their passions that they were willing to risk their own great personal wealth, the welfare of their families, and, in a very real sense, their very own lives. Without that passion for their beliefs, the United States would be a much different, and much less great, place to live and prosper. It probably wouldn’t even exist. We very rightly honor these men for the strength of their character and their perseverance in the face of utter destruction.

Our society to this day has higher regard for folks with strong character; folks who will stand up for their beliefs. Even if you don’t agree with someone, you still find yourself acknowledging that strength.

Given all this, it is really no wonder that many politicians from the Democrat and Republican parties don’t come to agreement. The ideas espoused by those two parties are often in stark contrast, especially in areas of economics and social policy.

So the only question that remains is why so many people seem to espouse bipartisanship. It would seem that taking such a position, or expecting such a result, would be an obvious outward sign of insanity, or at least, the presence of mind altering chemicals. Such people are living in a fantasy land and are not to be trusted.


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