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The Road Not Taken

Posted By on April 13, 2020

You should live your life such that each road that you travel down is improved by your passing; each person that you meet is improved by your greeting; the World is improved by your character.

Someday Isle

Posted By on March 27, 2020

Do you live on Someday Isle? Someday never comes; it is that mystical time when Today is over.

Who Would You Hire

Posted By on June 15, 2018

You are trying to fill a job and you have two candidates from which to choose: equally qualified for the position in every measurable way.

Which one do you hire?

Insanity, or Incredible Lack of Critical Thinking

Posted By on April 17, 2018

Teenage protesters want to raise the age to purchase a gun to 21 because they think their own brains aren’t developed yet. Democratic politicians in Washington, DC are inspired to lower the voting age to 16. Brain development seems to be lacking well past age 21 in the Democratic Party.

Can You Handle the Truth

Posted By on March 24, 2018

“Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” These are the words of Abraham Lincoln early in his brief “Gettysburg Address.”  Prophetic.  Timeless. I have long said that I believe the natural state of man is to be free.  […]

Redundant: Calling Piers Morgan an Idiot

Posted By on June 23, 2015

Changing the manner in which someone is killed does not make their death any less tragic. And if guns are the problem, why bother reading so-called ‘manifestos’? Why worry about a flag, or what Walmart sells?

Idiocy Reigns Supreme

Posted By on February 17, 2013

The scientific understanding of journalists is appallingly bad, but it is completely outclassed by the sheer ignorance of the public at large.

No Dolphins in Prison

Posted By on January 26, 2013

The natural state of man, as with the natural state of all plants and animals, is unrestrained freedom.

Rules Have Replaced Thinking III

Posted By on July 3, 2012

A man defends himself and friends from a group of violent teens by shooting a gun into the ground in warning, but HE is the one who is sentenced to 20 years in prison?

I Believe

Posted By on January 18, 2012

I believe in liberty, self-determination and responsibility. I believe in the limitless potential of human imagination.