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Flawed Thinking

| March 24, 2010

A popular refrain from Obamites is that the Republicans are just the party of "no" and didn’t participate in the process of crafting this obamination of a health care plan.  As a result of this, "they" say, it was all up to the Democrats to craft the whole thing.  So, "they" conclude, the people who don’t like obamacare, should blame the Republicans.

Rules Have Replaced Thinking II

| January 3, 2010

Perhaps my biggest pet peave in life is the blind application of rules.  Rules have replaced thinking.  It seems that more and more people subscribe to the belief that if we just make more rules, or laws, and we espouse zero tolerance policies, that somehow our lives will be enhanced.

Health Care Inflation I

| January 3, 2010

This is one reason why health care in the US is so expensive … and nothing in DemBamaCare is going to help.

Debating Obamacare or “Arguing with Idiots”

| January 3, 2010

Much has been written and much has been said about Obamacare … some of it has even been cogent.  I’m going to try to put some of these arguments to bed once and for all (oh, were that even possible).

Haggling Over Price (again)

| January 2, 2010

Where some will disagree, is where the line in the sand is that marks the limit of where we think the federal government has authority to go as so granted by the Constitution.  This disagreement is fine and we can argument like gentlemen about it all day long.

Don’t Think … About Health Care

| June 27, 2009

What a vast majority of the people who support Obama’s plan don’t realize, because they aren’t thinking for themselves, or the suffer from situational myopia, is that any government solution WILL result in loss of health care freedom. It will, by it’s nature, result in exactly they problems they propose to fix. It cannot end any other way.

More Bad Medicine

| April 26, 2009

I’m struck by how many examples there are of sub-standard quality in government-provided health care, and how widely held the belief is that government health care is a step down from free market health care, yet there is such a push by Progressives, Liberals, and Democratic politicians to have the United States Federal Government take over that industry. Is there anyone that truly thinks that will not decrease the quality of the care delivered?

50 Million Uninsured — Really?

| April 12, 2009

From the outset, let’s be very clear: everyone in the USA has access to medical care/services. What we’re talking about his the number of people who have an insurance policy that can arguably reduce the cost of medical care on a per individual basis.

Johnny One-Note

| February 20, 2009

For such a supposedly brilliant mind, Hillary Clinton’s vocabularly seems strikingly small.  Sarah Palin was ridiculed during the 2008 Presidential campaign for her limited vocabularly and overuse of the phrase “ya know.”  Caroline Kennedy was similarly ridiculed.  Hillary, it turns out, also seems to have her own favorite crutch word: crisis.

Running Right Off the Track

| February 9, 2009

Right-leaning pundits are doing a disservice to the debate about Obama’s stimulus package when they mischaracterize things. I think Rush Limbaugh is guilty of that in this case, though I don’t know that he’s taken the time to follow through and do his own research (though he should if he wants to maintain credibility).