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Flawed Thinking

Posted By on March 24, 2010

A popular refrain from Obamites is that the Republicans are just the party of “no” and didn’t participate in the process of crafting this obamination of a health care plan.  As a result of this, “they” say, it was all up to the Democrats to craft the whole thing.  So, “they” conclude, the people who don’t like obamacare, should blame the Republicans.


Let’s look at this another way.  Let’s say you decide that you want to do something, and I say, “Be my guest, but I’m not helping you.”  Then, when you’re done, I should be blamed because you did a poor job?

I’m telling you, these people just aren’t firing on all cylinders.

As far as this flawed health insurance reform legislation known as Obamacare goes, it didn’t get even one vote from a member of the Republican Party.  At times, Republicans were literally locked out of the meetings on it.  No special deals were made to attract Republican votes.  This legislation was crafted totally by Democrats solely to attract Democratic votes … and now they don’t want to claim ownership of it and instead want to point any fingers of blame at Republicans?

That’s flawed thinking!


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