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Somebody Is Lying To Me!

| March 15, 2009

In a column I wrote yesterday, I lamented the fact that Obama’s graph seemed truncated and caused me to be suspicious that further back data would not support his thesis as much. Further research on my part has borne this out. Piketty and Saez do have a graph that does back 67 more years than the one Obama published.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

| March 14, 2009

I heard Mike Malloy, a liberal talk radio host, the other night make the claim that 1 in 9 homes in America are now sitting empty due to foreclosures. That’s patently false, but the figure was used repeatedly and was the basis for all his following arguments in support of the economic plans and policies of his champion: B. Obama.

Wealth Causes People to Mow Their Lawn

| March 14, 2009

People who are serious about improving the environment should focus their energies on helping poor nations produce more wealth and freeing the people therein from the shackles that keep them bound to their condition.

How and When Did the Rich Get Richer?

| March 14, 2009

Conclusion: raising taxes does more to hurt the middle class than cutting taxes does to help the wealthy.

And THAT is how the rich got richer.

Illegal Immigrants Brazenly Flout Law in Lake Worth, FL

| March 14, 2009

It is time for the public to hold their elected officials, and each other, to higher standards. We live in a country where we expect the rule of law to prevail. We must be consistent in our approach; we cannot simply pick and choose which laws we enforce and which people will be held accountable. Justice must be blind and it must be consistent.

Lessons NOT Learned …

| March 10, 2009

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently up by 300 point at this point today and it’s being framed as a big positive response to an announcement by Citigroup that they’ve been profitable for the past two months.