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Voter Intent

Posted By on December 1, 2004

I know that for a large number of people, for whom they vote in elections is a closely guarded secret. There’s probably a thousand reasons for this and some of them are probably even reasonable, but with regard to the 2004 Presidential election, I’m going to break the rules: I voted in favor of George W. Bush. Apparently millions of other voters in the United States came to the same position though perhaps for a variety of different reasons … and therein lies the rub. Even though all the Max Headroom clones are out there purporting to speak for the voters, doing so is a dicey proposition. Even for Mr. Bush himself, he’s on a slippery slope to doom if he tries to do something in the name of voter intent. Saying, “This is what I’m going to do because the voters want me to do this” is improper.

For example, Mr. Bush has said that he wants to work with the Democrats to get things done and it is with this statement in particular that I have problems. I didn’t vote for GW because I wanted him to work with Democrats. If I wanted the Democrats to have influence on policy and direction of my society, I would have voted for the Democrat candidate. Instead, I voted for the President because I want to see his philosophies take precedence and I want to see his policies implemented. For GW to take any other position, such as ‘working with the Democrats’ misses my Voter Intent.


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