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Redundant: Calling Piers Morgan an Idiot

Posted By on June 23, 2015

A short open letter to Piers Morgan, who publishes his writings, and exposes his clear lack of reasoned thinking, for the UK’s Daily Mail:

Blaming the gun Dylann Roof used to kill 9 people in a bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston is an insult to the legacy of 4 young black girls who were themselves killed during Sunday morning worship services in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963.  It was not a gun that killed them; it was a bomb.  In fact, it had been the third such bombing in Birmingham in 11 days.  To try to suggest today that a solution to violent acts is to remove guns from society is to completely ignore those girls … as if their lives, and their deaths, do not matter.

On the contrary, the reason there is so much conversation about one of the Confederate battle flags, and so much investigation into the life and writings of Dylann Roof, is precisely because of the implicit recognition that the real issue here is what was in his head … and not what was in his hands.  If he changed the manner in which he committed his act, his act would be no less heinous and his victims would be no less tragically dead.


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