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Good For the Government Watchdogs

Posted By on September 8, 2009

Obama gave his speech today directed to the nation’s school children.  I read the speech and I have no problem with it’s content.  I would rather, however, that it be delivered by a non-politician.  To the extent possible, I think we should keep politics out of schools with regard to curriculum.  And by politics, I mean partisan politics, not studies of social philosophy, etc.

That said, I think the howls of protest that erupted in advance of the speech were well-founded and necessary.

According to the Associated Press, Education Secretary Arne Duncan acknowledged that some prepared guidance for school officials included a suggestion that students could compose essays stating how they could help support Obama and his causes – an idea the he acknowledged was wrongheaded.  To restate that, the official position of the Obama Administration is that said suggestions and ideas were wrong and should not have been made in the first place.  One wonders if there is anyone in the group of Obama’s czars whose job it is to oversee the White House’s activities and filter out these wrong ideas.  If not, perhaps there should be … perhaps this is a good place for an independent inspector general.

The logical conclusion is that in the absence of the protests from vigilant government watchdogs (notably NOT the mainstream media upon whom we can no longer count in that role), these “wrongheaded” suggestions would have gone through.  Had that been the case, the firestorm of protest would have been quite a bit more vocal and even more justified (based on Mr. Duncan’s own testimony).

This is yet further evidence that the public at large should NOT trust government in general and this administration in particular.  Every day, Mr. Obama further degrades how own credibility.

Congratulations to the watchdogs out there that did their job.  Thanks.


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