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Don’t Like the Weather Forecast?

Posted By on June 9, 2009

It’s a well known fact, an actual stone pig, that man is almost completely incapable of predicting the weather with any degree of accuracy more than about 5 minutes in advance.

Here’s a quote from an AP story about a possible El Nino event in our future:

Computer models that forecast climate differ, the agency noted, with some predicting arrival of El Nino while others expect continued neutral conditions.

So at the end of an article discussing an approaching El Nino and it’s expected impact on global weather, the authors throw the whole thing out the window by noting that even the vaunted computer models contradict one another.

Would those computers and their models be the same ones upon which we’re basing all our global warming theories? The same ones that were used to predict global cooling just 30 years ago?

And there are people who think it would be a good thing to put a tremendous burden on our economy (which is clearly already overburdened) to fight the phantom beast. I’m not one of them.


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