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Posted By on February 20, 2009

For such a supposedly brilliant mind, Hillary Clinton’s vocabularly seems strikingly small.  Sarah Palin was ridiculed during the 2008 Presidential campaign for her limited vocabularly and overuse of the phrase “ya know.”  Caroline Kennedy was similarly ridiculed.  Hillary, it turns out, also seems to have her own favorite crutch word: crisis.

On official travel in her capacity as Secretary of State in Asia, she is quoted with the following:

“But our pressing on those issues can’t interfere on the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crisis,” Clinton told reporters in Seoul just before leaving for Beijing.

You may also recall from her time as First Lady, she attempted to overhaul/overtake the nation’s health care system, saying at the time that we were in a health care crisis.  Sixteen years later nothing has changed in health care, but I suppose we’re to believe it’s still in a state of crisis.  But now, we can also add the economy, the climate, and our security to the list of ongoing crises.

Perhaps she just has a different definition of “crisis” than the rest of us … ya know?


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