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Stupid Is What Stupid Does

Posted By on February 18, 2009

A common argument against the implementation of one system or another is that people will scam said system at the expense of others. Such an argument is a specious red herring.

People will scam systems. Period.

If you set up a system of any kind in a society, some segment of society will try to scam it. There are but two responses: either don’t set up the system in the first place, or don’t complain about it afterward.

Here at, such an argument is not allowed. You can’t argue against a social system on the basis that it will be scammed.

This presents yet another argument for smaller government i.e. the conservative and libertarian philosophy. Less government means less opportunity for scammers. Larger government means more opportunity and thus greater degradation of all social systems (because more people will see the relative ‘success’ of scamming and try it themselves).

This is why communism, while sounding good, can’t work for large human populations (I will concede that small communes can work well because it is easier to maintain an abnormal sample of people in the set). Centralized authority cannot provide equitable distribution of resources across the wide range of human desires and needs in anything larger than small populations. Larger populations require larger central planning governments and increases the number of scammers who will be in government itself to help corrupt the system from the inside out. All such systems will quickly decay and stop serving its citizens.


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